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The following post is an excerpt from “Good Seed”, a book series in progress – please stay tuned to this blog to read more on when and where it will be available. In the meantime, I surely hope that this might encourage you wherever you are today!

Genesis 1:12 ICB The earth produced plants. Some plants had grain for seeds. The trees made fruit with seeds in it. Each seed grew its own kind of plant. God saw that all this was good

When I was growing up, Daddy would talk over and again about the importance of good seed. He’d talk about it: in the winter while looking through seed catalogs; in the spring when planting the seeds he’d ordered; in the summer when the seeds were growing and green; and in the fall when harvesting the bounty of the seeds. And all the while he was talking about the seeds, he was thanking our Good Gardener God for the seeds. Because he knew well no matter what seeds he chose, planted, cultivated, or harvested, he was dependent on God for the rightly-timed rain, sun, soil, and the strength to keep working and trusting Him in all seasons.   

For Daddy had learned all about seeds, soil, sun, and strength from his daddy. Just like his daddy had done before him. And his grandaddy before him. Generations of sons planted in the good ground of grace and nurtured with hard work, hopeful prayers, and hearts of worship. One farm, one family, one purpose, one prayer. The prayer to be faithful in caretaking what had been given them. They nurtured the seeds there in their fields and their front-room, with sweat and songs and cultivation and cooking.

And this soil scientist and her cousins, cousins’ children, her sons, and grandbaby are the seeds now bearing the harvest. We are the fruit and the seed of that day in, day out faithful commitment to the planning, plowing, planting, pest control, perseverance, perspiration, and production required for the 30-,60-,100-fold harvest of Matthew 13.*

Good seed is still very important to my father. Good seed is now very important to me. And since you’ve picked up this book, I think good seed matters to you too. So let’s do the work necessary for good seed to thrive in the now and not-yet, for this kind of harvest is important for today and every day to come. Good seed starts with us, yet hallelujah! Good seed doesn’t stay with us but goes out into a world searching to see and know what’s really important – our Good Gardener God Who loves all of us far more than we could even begin to imagine (see Romans 8:38-39). He has planted us here with the one purpose of His glory and one prayer for the redemption of people. And now is the time to fix our eyes on that glorious harvest day when our Jesus will return for every good seed which abides in His amazing abundance (see 1 John 3:9).

*credit to my daddy, Dr. David L. Coffey, for the Seven Principles of Gardening – can you guess from where I got my love for alliteration? (grin)

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written by and copyrighted to Beth Madison, Ph.D., 2023.

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