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Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad!

I’m inviting you to celebrate with me the release of Good Ground, Volume 2 on January 25th. This makes me even happier than Daddy’s beautiful tulips in full bloom in spring. And this makes me wish we could all get together for some of Mother’s angel food cake which makes any day into a party!

God has done the great thing for me of not just one book but TWO books from Northeastern Baptist Press (https://www.nebpvermont.com/books). (stay tuned with them for more books from this soil scientist and other authors who love to tell the Good News of our Good God).

And God has done this great thing, too – an excerpt from Good Ground, Volume 2 was the most-read blog post of 2022 from Christian Scholar’s Review (yes, I can’t believe it either! When I received email notification of this award, I had to read it at least twice for it to start to sink in. And I’m still processing this a week later).

Here’s the link so you can read this excerpt and delight in the great things God has done in our lives, including forming good ground in our hearts and under our feet:

As always, thank you for your support, encouragement, and especially your prayers – may God keep doing great things for all of us in all parts of our lives!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating!

  1. Congratulations on volume 2 of your book, Dr. Beth. And congratulations on the mass reading of your blog post. It was exceptional. God certainly seems to be expanding your territory and honoring the gifts given to you for the people. Continued favor! gerri 

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  2. A wonderful post, my friend. I’m so pleased and thankful for how you’re responding to our Father’s deep plowing of the soil of your life. Congratulations on your second book and on this much-read post.


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