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Psalm 147:14 He ·brings [sets] peace to your ·country [boundaries] and ·fills [satisfies; satiates] you with the finest ·grain [wheat].

Have you ever had a really good nap? What I call a farm girl nap. Outside, mid to late afternoon, on a hot summer day. Lying on an old homemade quilt underneath a big shade tree waving its leaves in the breeze with birds chirping all around. Waking up not knowing where or who you are, much less what day or time it is.

But you do know this – you’re ready for some fresh cold watermelon, peaches, or strawberries so juicy they run down your chin to join the drool that’s leaked from your mouth while you were sleeping. Slaking the thirst for moisture and the hunger for sweet brought on by working hard all morning in the garden.

And after eating, that feeling of being whole and refreshed described by Robert Browning as when “God’s in his heaven; All’s right with the world”.  Satisfied with this moment, this place, this knowing of fullness.

Yet that full completeness in all ways, or shalom as a Jew might say, is only temporary until you look around and see those pesky weeds that popped up during your nap. Or those rabbits, squirrels, or bugs watching your every move now that you’re mobile and not just the lifeless scarecrow you’ve been for the past hour.

That taste of peace makes you long for your whole life to be like that moment. A rich renewing from deep inside flowing up and over all the broken pieces and lost fragments of what today should’ve been, yesterday wasn’t, and tomorrow probably won’t be.

A satisfaction in portion, place, and purpose like none other because of an unmistakable and irreplaceable peace.


Prayerfully and patiently





That trusting obedience of Hebrews 5:8. That receiving of Matthew 6:33. That resting of Psalm 46:10. The choice to live here in this moment in the will of whatever God has placed in, around, and with you for His love to flow through you.

Not kicking against the goads. Not worrying or anxious. Not merely making it to the next thing. Living full, free, whole, complete in the now.

Isn’t that far easier said than done? Eating juicy fruit on a summer day is one thing; letting Christ have His way for growing the fruit of the Spirit in my life is something entirely different. For often His way includes deserts (without big shade trees, breezes, and quilts); long days in a garden (that is continually trying to be overrun by pests of self, temptation, and regret); and longer nights (without sleep from pain or grief).

Yet His way is always best. His fruit is always the sweetest. His Presence brings peace that remains, no matter how hot or long the day or hard the work of fighting worry and wanting to take over. For His peace renews, refreshes, and restores far better than even the best farm girl naps.

Better yet, He’s waiting for me and for you to come now and receive His P.E.A.C.E. that passes all understanding and is able to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7), no matter the season or time of day.

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Written by and copyrighted to Beth Madison, Ph.D., 2022.

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