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just in case you were considering buying Good Ground, Volume 1 – I bet you’d like to know that profits from this book go towards student scholarships at Northeastern Baptist College (NEBC).

NEBC is a small Christian college in Vermont where most of the students are on scholarship. Because without these scholarships, they couldn’t afford to go to college at all. Alongside their studies, they are working at the college and in the community to make the love of Jesus known to many who don’t know Him.

Supporting these student scholarships gives this timid soil scientist the boldness to say “buy the book for yourself and copies for your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers”. Thank you, dear ones, for supporting students! Our Good God has good plans for them and for you.

In fact, if you buy any of the books from Northeastern Baptist Press, you’re supporting scholarships for NEBC – here’s the link for ordering books from them – there’s some really GOOD stuff there!


click on link below to order Good Ground, Volume 1 from Amazon:

(it’s also available at other book distributors including Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and local Christian book stores (if you don’t see it in your town, please ask about it).)


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