A symphony in and of the woods

Luke 19:40. Jesus said to them, “I tell you that if these did not speak, the very stones would call out.”

The other morning I had the privilege of listening to and participating in the eleven-part symphony of the woods in the amphitheater of the woods themselves. The woods were full of praise for their Creator which in turn helped make my heart, mind, hands, and feet sing with them.

The croakers and spring peepers sang out loud and deep as these frogs chorused from the pond while the birds divided into their harmony as squawkers, singers, and chirpers in the trees, bushes, and air. On the ground with me, the snorters (deer) and the fussers (squirrels) belted out their best while the creakers (trees) swayed to and fro in their caroling with the direction of the wind. Not to be left out or overlooked, the bubblers and splashers of the waters of the stream and pond reminded me of the joyous melody swirling all around me as I, the cruncher, kept rhythm step by step along the way.

On this day the stones didn’t have to cry out because everyone else was quick to praise. My mouth kept silent with the stones because I wanted to hear my heart sing along with everyone in our individual voices, places, and tasks. All of us were busy with the work of eternity –  that singular task of praising the One who created us from nothing and called us to Himself in this moment of grace.

Yet this moment stands fixed in my mind and heart as a challenge. A challenge not just to seek out more such times with my Creator and His created in the symphony of the woods but to more often keep my mouth silent and let my heart sing in unbroken praise. For when my heart sings its silent song, the only One Who can hear this song is the Only One deserving of the praise in it.

Granted, there are many times my mouth needs to proclaim a song of truth for my Christ from my heart. But in these times, I struggle with the wanting to receive attention for the beauty of the words or ideas contained in the song as I forget I am only an instrument, not the Author.

And again, my Christ graciously, gently reminds me even there in the forgetting, He is always listening for and to the song of my heart and the song of the woods ringing out in an unmistakable chorus of His glory – Psalm 65:9-13 He waters the earth to make it fertile. The rivers of God will not run dry! He prepares the earth for his people and sends them rich harvests of grain. He waters the furrows with abundant rain. Showers soften the earth, melting the clods and causing seeds to sprout across the land. Then he crowns it all with green, lush pastures in the wilderness; hillsides blossom with joy. The pastures are filled with flocks of sheep, and the valleys are carpeted with grain. All the world shouts with joy and sings.

Published by Beth Madison

author, speaker, learner

8 thoughts on “A symphony in and of the woods

  1. Do you remember the Steve Green song “Symphony of Praise”? Your beautiful writing made me think of these lyrics:

    “May each creation great or small
    Lift their voices one and all
    In the symphony of praise”

    Your writing was uplifting to me today!

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  2. My sister and I were recently reunited after the long quarantine season. We took a walk in the woods, a place we often played as children, amd were discussing how special the pods are to us.

    She is having a hard time at work, and we are petitioning the Lord for new work nearer to home for her.

    I sent her this. I know it will make her heart sign, when it hasn’t been able to sing much lately.

    Love to you and abundant blessings for the blessing your work is to others.

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