just in case

click on link below for audio of this post: https://anchor.fm/beth-madison/episodes/just-in-case-e1jfi10 just in case you were considering buying Good Ground, Volume 1 – I bet you’d like to know that profits from this book go towards student scholarships at Northeastern Baptist College (NEBC). NEBC is a small Christian college in Vermont where most of the studentsContinue reading “just in case”

Giving grace, not guilt

Patient Advocacy Post 7 podcast link below: https://anchor.fm/beth-madison/episodes/Giving-grace–not-guilt-e1e8ijh “Comparison is the thief of joy” (T. Roosevelt) This is a post I’ve been thinking on for some time now…it’s a hard one for me to write and (maybe) for you to read (or hear). But I think it’s one that will be helpful for both ofContinue reading “Giving grace, not guilt”